Shanghai International Dental Exhibition|Yucera grasp the present and open up the future!

November 5, 2021

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YUCERA participated in the 25th China International Dental Equipment Exhibition and academic seminar on 3th-6th.,Nov. 2021.  YUCERA’s team led their unique products, ST zirconia block, SHT multilayer zirconia block, 3D pro multilayer zirconia block, oral scanner, sintering furnace and 5 axis milling machine and other products to be unveiled at the exhibition.They successfully became the focus of the audience, and the elites of Yucera introduced their products to interested customers.

yucera zirconia block

There was an endless stream of people at the exhibition, and customers turned their attention to YUCERA, and they were very curious about YUCERA's zirconium blocks and products. Costomers also really want to work with them. zirconia disc  

On-site customers are very interested in the engraving and milling machine, and ask our staff to engrave and make on site. The engraving and milling machine only took 3 hours to engrave a bridge completely, and the customer was very satisfied. This photo is our staff showing the engraving content to the customer and showing how to operate it. There are more and more attractive people on the show, and everyone feels that YUCERA's zirconia block and equipments are very good. zirconia disc dental 5 axis milling machine

Choose zirconia block, choose Yucera!